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The Wedding Registry that takes you beyond the Wedding Day !

Who is Behind Wanderlust Honeymoons?

We are passionate tried and true offbeat adventurers. Using our Wanderlust Honeymoon website tools ensures you will have an EPIC adventure honeymoon AND always feel like newlyweds!


Is a Photographer. World Traveler. Extreme Sports Enthusiast. Champagne and Seafood Addict. Forever Newlywed. An Adventure Wedding Planner living in Iceland.

It was only a matter of time before Ann realized there were more people out there like her who would always seek out the unusual, the paths not usually taken, and with a constant thirst for adventure. She built businesses that centered around the adventure wedding concept and serving awesome couples. ( See:  Your Adventure Wedding,  Iceland Wedding Planner,  Nordic Wedding Planner and Photos by Miss Ann ).

Candid Story:

After my first marriage to an American in 2012 failed, I learned some hard lessons and a core one that serves as the foundation of Wanderlust Honeymoons. Never ever stop dating and adventuring with each other!

Newly wedded bliss sadly begins to wear off after the first year and let’s be honest then real-life sets in. Couples get bogged down with mounting responsibilities, work, outside pressures, have good intentions but run out of time, and forget to keep their “date nights.” When we stop communicating and dating, it adds a vulnerable stress to the relationship instead of bringing you closer together, it tears you apart.

The Good News:

At any moment, you can change it… Thus Wanderlust Honeymoons’s Not-So-Newlywed Registry was born! I’ll be frank, maybe if there was a unique registry like the Not-So-Newlywed Registry existing when I was having doubts within my first marriage, it would have given it a better chance of surviving.

Wanderlust Honeymoons is a fabulous 3-part unique wedding website:

Wanderlust Honeymoons: Planning Custom Adventurous Honeymoons in offbeat areas of the world.

Wanderlust Honeymoons Wedding Registry: Allow your guests to gift you EXPERIENCES to have during your honeymoon adventure!

Not-So-Newlywed Registry: The site that will keep you dating for the rest of your lives so you stay forever newlyweds!

The Not-So-Newlywed Registry will keep you motivated to learn together, always adventuring together, and preserve daily/weekly/monthly dating! Guests purchase “date nights” for you to look forward to and draw from as your marriage thrives. Continue falling in love with each other deeper and deeper each year!